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I'm not very fond of the state of the front page of deviantART lately. The stuff seems to be lesser quality, and there isn't really anyway to adjust it. Maybe it'd be good to have customizable front pages besides organizing it by time or popularity. Like by categories. I usually have my front page set to most popular which is preferable but not much better than latest. I'd rather not see those "secrets" on the front page all the time. That's best reserved for some other format. It isn't art. Also, I'd like to see more diversity in the photography stuff besides photos of young white women all the time.

I have gone to look at the current front page, and while the top twenty-or-so aren't so great, I was pleasantly delighted to see better stuff for the next 100 deviations or so. Typically it seems that the stuff after the top page is thinly disguised poohrn, but it didn't get that way until after the top 120.

ALSO: I have gone back to a few of my old deviations and provided some commentary on them.
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Actually, there are more that I know of, but I don't think they know me. :)

My gallery is all over the place. I bet you'll think, are these really done by the same person? The answer is yes.

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GaARbage day!
Ymmji Feb 11, 2009
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It came with my computer, so I wasn't sure what program I had earlier today (:
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I should update my pitiful gallery.
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Shikamaru Nara from Naruto and Jasdero fromD.Gray-man are the same voice? Also, Cloud Nine and Tsunade are the same voice, but that's obvious; and David(Devit) is the same voice as Benibara(Ouran-that Lobelia person).
Emi-zone Sep 17, 2008  Student General Artist
thankies for teh fave =D
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