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Lately I bought a drawing tablet for personal use, so I've been easing back into drawing. I've had my eye on one since I've joined this site many ages ago, but didn't want to shell out the dough for Wacom's tablet monopoly where a basic one is like $70. Anyway, now you can get one for as low as $25, and while it might not be top of the line, they're good enough for most purposes.

I downloaded 2 different free drawing applications. The first is FireAlpaca, which isn't feature heavy, but relatively easy to use. If you like to do everything by hand without relying on fancy brushes or whatnot (although you could add fancy brushes), it's a decent program to use. The second is Krita, which has many fancy features and preset brushes and a few templates. Some of the tools (like calligraphy brush, whut?) aren't exactly intuitive for a beginner. For this, I still need to figure out how to adjust pressure settings so I don't have to press so hard for a thicker line, and how to paint patterns.

This isn't a set plan, but I might go through my gallery and redraw some of the things. Don't have any expectations though.
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My gallery is all over the place. I bet you'll think, are these really done by the same person? The answer is yes.

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Shikamaru Nara from Naruto and Jasdero fromD.Gray-man are the same voice? Also, Cloud Nine and Tsunade are the same voice, but that's obvious; and David(Devit) is the same voice as Benibara(Ouran-that Lobelia person).
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